Thursday, March 13, 2008


Only two words could sum up today; regretfully disheartening.

This can be applied to every facet of my life at the moment. Generally though, I like to think that food can fix everything. Hell, even a few beers. I guess after all the bouncing around, the working, the pretending and gerneral illusion, I am still human. No matter how many coffees I drink, I am still suspended in half life. Tonight, I really wanted an Erdinger Krystal, but alas...all gone.

Not even wearing a shiny, red, spandex leotard has cheered me up.

I think I realised that coffee couldn't fix my day after my espresso tasted, well...dirty from my trusty Ortigia. I guess I did go after the lunch rush.

I would kill for a Hendricks and tonic with fresh cucumber.


Maybe it's time for a hug.


Ed said...

Sounds like you need to gorget the tonic and dive straight into a dry martini.

luke said...

red spandex? you're totally hug worthy right now.

and why swedish? that does seem a little absurd... do you have plans on heading up there and eating lots of kipper?

bunchesmcginty said...

Ed- noted. That is exactly what I am going to do tonight. Seamstress is calling, again.

Luke- *hug*