Monday, March 10, 2008


I have just been commissioned to cook for 5 vegetarians this Saturday.

I found this out in the middle of my Swedish tutorial, so instead of thinking about personal pronouns and conjugated verbs, I contemplated what I could cook and carry to this said house and prepare there. Their kitchen is pretty much hopeless and their oven isn't that big, let alone having knives that cut (I'll bring mine).

Here's the plan:

-Olive, fennel and feta cigars.
-Twice baked goats cheese souffles with a roasted baby beetroot, walnut and apple salad. I can't help but think that figs should be in here somewhere.
-Ginger and cinnamon icecream with a praline.

I plan to make the cigars and first-bake the souffles here as well as the beetroot, and then doing the cook-off/rebake/assembly at their home. And, seeing as their freezer is always empty, I will make the icecream over there, and praline, well, that is a quick thing...

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