Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday's the night.

A dear and widely loved Austrian woman is about to leave our shores. It upsets everyone involved, but consolation comes in the form of fried meats and traditional Austrian food.

Only, the thing she says is that you never really eat all of this at once, which is why everyone left clutching their stomachs or, if you're like me, still full at half two in the afternoon.

We talked about having a schnitzel night, and since the idea was planted, she decided to do it. The only problem though, is that in the end, there were 17 people and we were down many chairs and plates. Who cares though, enlist the guests as help (true dinner party style) and have rounds, or tag-teams on dishes or let those who share food normally share plates. We're all convivial here, and that is what family is for.

This is the knudel before it gets cooked. Torn bread, parmesan, onions that have previously been soaked in oil, spinach. Boiled and served with melted butter over the top and/or parmesan.

Rolled into balls by the wonderful Suzie Q.

The Austrian cooking off the first batch of schnitzel. Oh, veal...vealy goodness. I put people off outside when they asked me what veal actually was. Thankfully they're not to moral to not eat it.

Pre the cooking of the little fuckers.

This kid knows how to have fun.

Who would have known that he would be the son of these people?

Um, in case you didn't notice, it got kind of cold outside. So, when you have seventeen people in your house, you give them ANYTHING to keep warm. Not that I am complaining, I am the queen of onesies. Although, wearing this makes me feel like I should be fighting the fires in the bush.
The funniest thing though, it looks like it fits well, but I have 2 jackets, a bodysuit, jeans and a scarf on underneath.

Oh, and it fit over my boots. DaVa took a photo of me readjusting my crotch, like a real man...but I think I will spare you. The most wonderful thing was when people accidentally took photos with a flash with me in the frame. Blind much?

Kaiserschmarren/ Kaiserschmarr'n.

Read also: dessert.
Read also: The emperor's pancakes.
Read also: (In our fair Austrian's pronounciation) Err, it translates to the emperoooooor's Mish-Maaaaaarsh, or nonsense.
Read also: very fucking delicious.

Basically, we were ordered to separate 16 eggs, beat the egg whites manually till stiff, fold it into the egg yolks with sugar and sour cream and whisk in flour till it was a little thicker than cream. Add saltanas and fold in the egg whites.

Then, it was cooked like pancakes, filling up each pan, being flipped and cut up, kept warm in the oven and dusted with icing sugar and served with an apple sauce which was made the day before.

And for your viewing pleasure:

Oh, and just to show you how ridiculous the night was in the end of it all:

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