Thursday, February 19, 2009

Calling backup.

Did I mention that I am stacking coins right now so I can pay rent?

*Shakes fist at recession*

So, with our possible party-theme for tonight, sans me as I will be in an Austrian farewell. Hell, we will just say I am going to be in Austria. Wait, I am all with the fragmented sentences right now, and colloquial language...eugh.

Wait, I didn't even say what I intended to say.
We were debating about party themes and the one I think is the best is the Global Financial Crisis party.

I am my worst nightmare.



*Shakes fist at recession*

Okay, well, with my bullshit aside this is what I picked up from the market yesterday as filler for my existing ingredients so I can actually make meals. I usually wouldn't post this but I am especially proud of the fact that I bought this all with coins.

Funny that I returned with groceries, but feeling lighter.

So, in case you need it spelled out for you:

-1/2 dozen free range eggs
-1 punnet blueberries
-1 punnet cherry tomatoes
-3 white peaches
-2 blood plums, yeah, I ate one. Give me a break.
-2 zucchinis
-1 bag of carrots
-200g ricotta
-1/2 kilo of natural muesli with flaked almonds and other dried fruits

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