Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is NOT how you appreciate wine.

So, I went to Von Haus this Saturday, after it finally opened. I say finally, because apparently it was set to open about six months ago. No love. Nada. Zip.

I stumbled there at 11:20 on Friday night, only to be greeted by the owner, Hugh (whom I met on another drunken stumble a week earlier), telling me they only open from 11-11 ,but let me in for "a squiz." My kind of place: humble, cosy, unpretentious, friendly, upfront with their own opinions and knowledged.
I won't ruin the surprise.

But, I went back on the Saturday evening before the opening of Sweatshop (Seamstress' "little brother downstairs"). I drank an amazing Pinot (which, if you forgive me) I have forgotten the name of due to my later nightly musings, and another red, recommended by Hugh. I remember liking it, but I should really go back to investigate. But, here is the deal. They serve everything by the glass, only have one beer and of the spirits, I know that hey have Hendricks (but being the first week open, didn't have cucumber when I got there). They have local and imported wines and nothing is above $7.50. They, at the moment, only have about 2-4 of the reds or whites open at any one time due to their birth, but are looking to have everything available very shortly. No vinegar is to be served, I believe they are trying at.
Currently they do lunches, and will eventually do breakfasts, but they have all day fare, which they call the "elevenses." As far as I saw, of the mains, nothing is above $16. My friend had the chicken terrine, which was made with goose fat (drool) and was served with what he told me was aoli and caremilsed onions....and toast. He approved. $12, enough said.

Sweatshop, well, I have already spoken about Sweatshop. But go there. Big, fun, happy times, which result in my muddled head from free spirits. Eugh. Afternoon wake ups from screaming computers- NO.

Anyways...boozy now, after House Proud.

Von Haus, 1a Crossley St, Melbourne.
03 9662 2766
(Think, opposite Pelligrini's on the alley way side.)

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