Saturday, May 17, 2008


So, I have spent the last uncountable nights drinking, skyping and passing out at around 4 in the morning, getting up, exercising in the rain at 6am and going to work, only to do it all again.
This, obviously is not smart, but I also saw a natropath earlier in the week and this is definitely not a recommended way to cure insomnia. (She did however give me three bags of herbs, roots and such, which made me think, why did you raid my parent's pantry and give me soup ingredients? to which i had to boil down for 4 hours and drink. Yes, it tasted like soup... cold soup.)
Yesterday, however, I did manage to hit up the Carlton Farmers Market and the Vic Market with a couple of friends in water-logged shoes and a cape. Unfortunately, unlike ponchos, capes can't make you constantly happy. I did spend 40 dollars on cheese, though, which is always a plus until you realise you already have 7 different types in the fridge. Anyways, I went out again in the ridiculous cold and as all trashy nights do, we ended up at pony with a few bands that we hijacked from the HiFi Bar.
Cut to me walking home in Docs at 4:30 in the morning cursing the cold because no taxi driver is dumb enough to pick up a girl, and drive her from one end of the city to the other, giving a fare of only 6 dollars. Cut to me drunkenly eating four of the five hundred cheeses I have stored in the fridge without letting it ripen at 5 in the morning.
Cut to me waking up with a stomach of regret and a throat full of "fuck-you".

Cut to me being full of stupidity, still under slept and telling myself that I need to exercise, while attempting to write a post wearing only an oversized vintage jacket.

Excuse me. My leg's gone numb.

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