Saturday, December 1, 2007

To the market.

I went yesterday with the intention of just getting the essentials. See, I live a couple of blocks away from the Vic market, so I can afford to do that. However, having recently been paid and only having (as Palahnuik said about 'Jack') condiments in my fridge, I spashed out again.
I was only meant to buy some bread, a dozen eggs, a few vegetables and a cheese to last me a few work lunches, and a couple of dinners.

This was not the case.
The thing is, I really don't eat a lot of bread. But, somehow, I ended up spending 10 dollars on bread. Of course, at the time, I was reasoning with myself that if I buy a seedy sourdough, full and nutty, I will have to counterbalance that with a light loaf. The cheese was only meant to be a filler in the pastry I previously mentioned, however, I came back with buffalo mozzarella and two different types of blue, as well as a cheddar.
For some unknown reason, I also came back with a bag of broadbeans (because they will disappear very shortly for another year, leaving me in beanless tears), peas and a whole array of other seasonal vegetables. This is fine, however, there is only one of me to feed. I wandered into the organics isle and came out with way too many varieties of berries and herbs that I couldn't say no to. Keep in mind that I am a poor student.
So, I thought this was all over, and I would return home with a wonderful bounty...then I walked into the fish and meats isle.
Thank god my 6 and a half years of vegetairanism allowed me to resist purchasing meat. Also, thank the 32 degree weather. Somehow, I couldn't imagine eating heavy meats in the heat, although I wouldn't say no to a beer.

I saw the fish.
There was a wonderful red snapper, staring at me, as if it had just jumped out from the ocean onto the counter and gutted and cleaned itself. Its eye was so clear, I could probably see through to its brain. Then, its mouth gaped open and said, 'Buy me.'

And that is exactly what I did. Now, after a few hours of stewing over my ingredients, I have decided I will bake this fish whole on top of some fennel, cherry tomatoes, a handful of olives and stuff its cavity with oranges. And yes, I will throw a splash of wine in there so it can all steam together...and maybe I'll throw in a fresh bay leaf or two.

Easy. Who wants to come around for dinner?

Pictures will follow, due to my trusty housemate.

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